Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ah, the wonders of childhood. Let me show you the intro for "Kikkassen" and no, it's has nothing to do with kicking ass.

I grew up with this and I loved it. This is possibly one the earliest typographic input that I consciously loved. I loved every bit of it and only by revisiting it I understand that part of its awesomeness is due to the fact that you get three title sequences in one:

First this one where the K's are dancing their dance with the I and finally presenting us with "Kassen". That would have been enough for a title sequence, we'd gotten the title of the show in a catchy way, type with eyes, man! I loved those eyes and that dance. Well, this was followed by the second sequence:

Even more letters, each with their own personality going crazy in their ever changing grid, Every week my eyes were peeled to take in as many as possible of these, the overlapping S's at the bottom had a special place in my heart. After this craziness it all calms down a bit:

And the sequence is almost over, but not before an electric shudder shoots through the type and all but one eye disappears.

I do not remember much of the contents of the show, but this sequence has been with me my entire life, it may even have formed my interest in graphic design.

One time, my sister and I were ill, we probably had fever and we'd been given 1970'ies/80'ies cough medicine and I remember watching this in a couch syrup stupor, it didn't get less crazy, but I soon fell asleep.

Now, sit back and allow you mind to be blown: