Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leaving the house for the train very early on Monday, I scared a cat that ran across the street, it made me think of some very early London mornings, the foxes I saw and how I insisted on being excited about seeing foxes. (Even when their screaming kept us awake at night.) I have watched a small group of them playing a fairly complex "chase the plastic bag" game.

I miss the London foxes, I've had some of the most interesting wildlife encounters in London, swarm of bees in Soho, bat in the flat, mouse hunting - that sort of thing. Foxes are a rare sight in Denmark, there are very few urban foxes, so the ones you see are shy and in the countryside/forests - I miss bumping into them.

Later, on the train I sleepily stared out the window only to see a real, healthy looking fox on the prowl, as if the cat from earlier had been a teaser for the real deal.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Robots, Aliens and Rocketships

Posterdesign by the fabulous Annabelle Nielsen

We're ramping up for a space and science fiction themed event at a 101-year old observatory in Aarhus, Denmark.

More info here

Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Expedition

Last night, on that impossible date, I went to the cinema Øst for Paradis for a secret club to introduce the film Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud

We had been asked to set the mood for the film, but that would probably have been a tad depressing, so instead we did what we do: We tried to get the audience to play. Not then and there, but some time in the not to distant future, we sent them on an expedition. This idea was developed further from at microbrief we'd set for the current issue of Digital Arts

With the audience in their seats, I made them make a little booklet out of the sheet of paper we'd laid out on for them, this would be their log book for the expedition, now all we can do is wait for their log books to return to us.