Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jam sessions
Summer is truly over and one of the studio/family's autumn activities is foraging, well, foraging and scavenging is an all year activity, but autumn is more foraging for foods that scavenging for building materials and each progressive year we gather more and more food.

Making jam, jellies and syrup may have little to do with art and design, but the more varied stuff you do, the more varied thinking you will be capable of.

also, the better the stuff you smear on your bread in the morning, the happier you are. So far this year we have made rosehip jam, rosehip syrup, apple/rosehip jelly (quite stiff due to high pectine content in the apples), pear syrup, elderberry syrup (and elderflower cordial in spring) and chunky, cardemommy apple jam and finally these ten jars of blackberry jam, they need to last until next year:

It's funny how you get national differences in jam making, traditional Danish way is to rinse the glasses in some stuff with amazing packaging called Atamon but there's really no need for this chemical if you just sterilise your jars well.

Annabelle will have a more substantial blog post on this including the great labels she makes for all these goodies at some point.

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