Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leaving the house for the train very early on Monday, I scared a cat that ran across the street, it made me think of some very early London mornings, the foxes I saw and how I insisted on being excited about seeing foxes. (Even when their screaming kept us awake at night.) I have watched a small group of them playing a fairly complex "chase the plastic bag" game.

I miss the London foxes, I've had some of the most interesting wildlife encounters in London, swarm of bees in Soho, bat in the flat, mouse hunting - that sort of thing. Foxes are a rare sight in Denmark, there are very few urban foxes, so the ones you see are shy and in the countryside/forests - I miss bumping into them.

Later, on the train I sleepily stared out the window only to see a real, healthy looking fox on the prowl, as if the cat from earlier had been a teaser for the real deal.

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