Thursday, July 26, 2012

Help Yourself
A few work in progress pictures from the creating of an A6 piece for an show in London.

It's all about MacGuyver, that thrifty guy with his swiss army knife. I learned a lot from MacGuyver, mainly that it's possible to bodge anything. I really wanted a knife like his, and when I finally was given one for a birthday, I was a happy camper - mostly because my Swiss army knife had the word "Camping" etched into it, I'm sure MacGuyver's didn't have that, but never mind, it did - and continues to do the job. (Although it's currently a bit lost somewhere in the flat.)

I'll show you the outcome another time.

As this deals with Childhood TV Characters, I figured I'd use a technique I hadn't used since childhood and I started making a lino cut version, but this turned out to be the wrong way to go, so in the end, I made a sort of collage with silver and red paper.

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